I have seen a marked tendency for the faithful of many paths to appeal to 'their' gods (collective term, gender agnostic) for assistance in everything, (or to strike down those things or people that offend them, of course). Some people also have a tendency to blame the gods for their woes, or to perceive the difficulties in their lives as some form of divine testing of their worth. My interpretation of my relationship with the high powers is the following:

Give thanks to the gods, but carry your own pack.

  There are too many people. Even when humanity realised that there were higher powers, I'm guessing there were still a lot of us shouting for attention. To assist every person with their own slice of life is just not practical, not to mention hardly beneficial in the long run. Parents want to see their children grow.  As time progresses and populations increase, the sheer logistics for the gods and their divine servants to aid everyone are getting out of hand. Yes, I know that they are vast and powerful magical entities, but I believe that even they obey some fundamental rules. (As to what set them, let's just say that our sciences and understanding have a long way to go.)  Ergo, you screaming for aid has a lower chance now of getting assistance. Of course, you may attract the attention of one of the magical denizens of this planet, who for its own unguessable reason, decides to assist you. But - either way - divine attention is not like an emergency services line... Except for the number of time-wasting and trivial calls they get, I suspect.

  So, divine aid is not coming. The celestial switchboard has you on hold and the heavenly ISP is down. What do you do?

  You lace your boots and get by with what you have. Drag the dregs of fortitude from your soul, maybe stoke a little anger. But you get by. Maybe you learn something from the experience. But if you hadn't struggled through because some agent of fate gave you an assist, would you have learned?

  Or did the agent of fate look over your situation and decide that the best course for your growth into a mature being with tolerance, confidence and wisdom was for you to go through those travails?

  The gods made us. I don't mean evolution, I mean the spark of intelligence (that seems to getting weaker in many places), the sentience that elevates us to have the potential to do so much more than animals. But they only made us, they are not our wardens. Where we go is on our heads and consciences.

  By now, you really should have reached the point where you stop running to daddy or mummy when life knocks you down. You walked away from your parents, in many cases, desperate to get away and prove yourself. So why do you expect a vast entity who is substantially more busy than your folks to listen to your whining?

  Carry your own load! Do what you can. Love every minute of the times when things aren't bad. When they're bad, get through as best you can. Smile at the creatures about, be courteous to powers perceived, lift a salute to the sun and moon when they fall upon you with particular impact.

  Go with your gods, not in fear of them or beholden to them.

  And don't blame them for the evils of men. Greed and apathy are humanity's creation and burden. They are both insidious and the combination is destroying the world.

  As for me, I think the gods are watching us with despair and diminishing hope.