I have faith. I do not need to defend it or to demean your views on it. Nor have I any need or right to question your faith unless you consider it right to inflict it upon others by force. In that case, we stand forever opposed. Otherwise, let us treat each other as reasonable people and discern how we can work together to make a better future for us all.

 A short parable to illustrate the point, showing how it should be. (Inspired by moment of contention between a militant atheist and myself, which did not go as smoothly.)

The Religious Man and the Unbeliever

An unbeliever met a religious man on the road from his place of worship.
The unbeliever said “Can you prove the existence of the powers you revere?”
The religious man said “No.”
The unbeliever smiled and said “But you still believe in those powers?”
The religious man smiled and said “Yes.”
The unbeliever braced himself and asked “Do you think I am a lesser man for having no gods?”
The religious man said “No.”
The unbeliever paused and then asked “Shall we chat further over a beer?”
The religious man said “I’d rather have a coffee.”
The unbeliever said “Is that because the articles of your faith say you must not drink alcohol?”
The religious man laughed and said “No. It’s because I really don’t like the stuff and when I have forced myself to drink it in the past, I have behaved like a fool.”
The unbeliever nodded and said “I know that one. Lets get coffee.”
So the religious man and the unbeliever went for a drink and spent a fine afternoon discussing the things they had in common and learning of the world from each other’s viewpoint.