I’m a religious bloke, and it ain’t no-one’s business but my own. However, when there have been expressions of curiosity, I have been unable to fully meet them. That’s the way of personal, eclectic polytheism.

 Now, if you've read any of this site, you'll know that I have more gods than most, and believe powers abound from and beyond them. But behind them, far back in the mists generated by the destruction of Britain’s native religions, there stands a crone in a red skirt and a horned man in a homespun shirt. Two figures so indelible they must have scared the usurpers something fierce for them to wreak such havoc during attempts to erase their lore.

 As (probable) manifestations of multi-aspected deities, we cannot do much more than guess at what they represented and how they were propitiated (and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying). So I, like many, walk an exploratory, subjective path in a world turned cold to the mass expression, appreciation and usage of the as-yet unquantified abilities collectively entitled ‘magic’.

 I have striven for a while to formulate a decent answer to those aforementioned queries. But, in the end, I realised that song is better suited than any words I could assemble. The track that comes closest to introducing the goddess who probably spends far more of her time being amused by my antics than any result I might prefer is the original version of Uriah Heep’s 'Lady in Black'.

* * *

 I'm a writer, a storyteller, a poet, someone who knew Damh the Bard when he was 'only' Dave Smith. I edited the Pagan Federation magazine, The Path, for a while many years ago, and have hung around with early members of OBOD. I've been a waylock for a couple of covens and been a solitaire. I've channeled a magical tradition and used it to my detriment - despite the warnings I received. (Proved it worked, at least.)

  I've loved and laughed and bled and cried, been embarrassed and been cut down to size. I've helped beyond measure and failed abysmally. I've blundered and doubted, thought I hated and been a petty bigot, an ignorant fanatic and a fool (I reserve the right to be foolish occasionally - it's a learning thing). I strive to be a gentleman and, somedays, I nearly succeed. No matter what, I always end up knowing me a little better. Just a little. I also know that my journey is far from over.

Hardly a stellar pedigree but that's the point. I make no claims to veracity or insight. I just tell it like I see it or how it works for me. I hope some of it helps you.

 * * *

The writing thing? I do a lot of it. As of January 2021, I've published forty books (twelve of which are sold out) - in paperback and ebook form - and many more in progress.

If you're interested in pagan/magical fantasy, science fiction/fantasy, horror, weird horror - or that channelled tradition I mentioned in the opening paragraph - do visit my personal site by clicking here, or go directly to my publishing site by clicking here.