The trick about life and self is that you don't actually need to wholly understand either.

 Seriously, you don't need to make sense of it. Just unravel the bits you need for each moment. The rest will do what it will do, and you will continue, blithely unaware.

 No one knows exactly how their car or computers work, but we all use them without a qualm. Your self and this life are like that. It's only peer pressure and/or profiteering that encourages folk to seek a complete knowledge of self and the life we wend our ways through.

 Accepting yourself and understanding how to derail your detrimental failings are good. But they are far from the total self-knowledge goal that some encourage. Also, stop trying too hard - it's a trait we all have as children, which can linger or transform into the root of obsession.

 Be mindful of mindfulness, if you will. That being said, never expect to stop learning.

 To be human is to carry mysteries within. Some of which you will never solve, and that is as it should be.