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Defence Against Arcane Attack

 Fear of arcane attack can do more harm to you than the attack itself if you wind yourself into a twitchy paranoid state. In a subjective art like crafting, there should always be a rational part overlooking your arcana, something akin to hindsight applied intuitively to the now.

 Beyond passive shielding, there are methods to reflect the attack back at the caster. The key to this little document is simple, effective and discrete. How to defend yourself outside a ritual space.

 Be aware that items can be imbued with a focus to bring the attack to you. Thus, one should be cautious not to accept gifts under suspicious circumstances, or note when personal items vanish for a few days and then reappear. The mosquito net construct (see below) arose in part to address this.

 A word on meddling: I define meddling as the well meaning arcane acts perpetrated on you by others with an incomplete understanding of what is occurring in your life. This, to me, is a form of attack. It may be pernicious rather than malicious, but the overall effect is harmful. To this I have my own rule. “That which is worked upon me without my knowing consent is doomed to fail.” Which in real terms means it may be momentarily irritating, but will fail quickly and never achieve its full effect.

 Finally; keep your spirit up. It’s a lot harder to target you when you feel good and your natural harmonics shed basic negativity.

The Rainbow Shield
(from Memoirs of an Exorcist by David Devereux)

 The first thing to understand about raising a psychic shield is that, like any kind of psychic action or magical act, it all starts with breath. It is not for nothing that in every society that has a word for magical energy, all those words are synonyms for breath.
 So, start with being aware of your breath, how each inhalation fills your body with energy, how each exhalation pushes the stale air and energies from you. Realise that as long as you are still breathing, you can never run out of life’s energy. Always breathe as deeply as you can – try to feel the breath opening your diaphragm, filling your lungs from the bottom up.
 Then, as you inhale, feel that energy fill you completely, nourishing the very core or your being. Some people feel this in their heart, others in their stomach or solar plexus – wherever you experience this, let that point be the centre which your shield will grow from. Hold the breath for a second.
 As you exhale, picture your breath as moving not just from your lungs, but passing through your whole body. Feel it pass through you, out of every pore and opening, cleansing you as it moves through you. Especially feel it coming out of your feet, pushing into the ground. Also feel the energy rooting through your feet, literally grounding you, letting your energy touch the deeper energy of the Earth. (Some people feel a tingling or other body sensation doing this. It’s just your energy talking to your body. Don’t worry about it – embrace it. If it gets too much, push it out through your feet – roots in the earth.)
 You might need to do this a few times before the flow of energy feels right and you become used to breathing in this conscious way. Take your time. To steal a phrase – feel the Force flow through you.
 Once you are ready, use you next exhalation to push that energy out again, but this time shape it in your mind into a field of rainbow light covering your whole body. Surround yourself in this moving rainbow.
 When you next inhale, imagine the air moving through this rainbow field, passing through the colours, each colour filtering a different negative aspect, leaving only pure air and energy to fill your lungs. Again, sense that the inhalation moves into you through your skin, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. Feel the core of you filling… then breath out again.
 Practise until it is, literally, as easy as breathing.
 As long as you breath, even as you sleep, that rainbow shield is there, nourishing and protecting you. Sometimes you might feel that it needs a little more energy, so direct more breath into it. Try to let the feeling of its presence become a constant background sensation – with time you may be able to sense different aspects of it, just as alive and responsive to the outside. And, like your skin, it’s there to protect you… always.

'Mosquito' Nets

 For any space, my favourite shield is a ‘mosquito net’ – a sheet shield that is located across a wall, anchored to corners etc. The concept is the same as a mosquito net (hence the name); there should be no clear passage to you, but like a net, the shield is permeable. In this case, anything passing through it is ‘scrubbed’ of harmful miasmas or focii. For malicious constructs, they are the mosquitoes that this net bars from entry.

  The basic mantra for the construct is “Bring no malice, do no harm.” We are architects of will, and in our own space our rules should be law. Believe it & renew the ‘nets’ regularly until they become habitual around sleeping quarters and similar frequently occupied areas where you are engaged in mundane activities.